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The Vision

It's time for bliss!

Omega is kinship,  LIVE music, sports, and other special events, and fun! Exciting and extraordinary experiences based on popular interests will draw in and create a large, diverse, blissful society.

​Whether you want to sail the Red Sea, jet boat, jet ski, water ski, play beach volleyball or chill seaside with friends, it’s all here!

With the Red Sea, you can watch or take part in boat cruises and races. Or choose some fun on yachts, hovercraft, sailboats, kayaks, and more. 

Snorkel in the beautiful clear water and feast your eyes on beautifully-colored species of fish. VR underwater worlds and other water features provide the ultimate unique experience.

Map of Omega in

Community Land and Transportation

Several transportation hubs connect the city worldwide, making it convenient for Omega citizens and others to come and go with ease. 

This magnificent city is already mapped out with roads and community land, allowing enjoyment of a VAST area, including beautiful beaches and spectacular views.

A wealth of space set aside for city hall, resource manufacturing, parks, community gatherings, LIVE Events, and more makes Omega the place to be!  Bring your swimsuit or shorts to enjoy the miles of beautiful community sandy beaches!

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Plenty of food is available from Omega’s fertile land. Waterways contain more seafood than can be imagined!

Sand, mud and aggregate are plentiful for concrete.  Rich deposits of valuable minerals including gold, iron, copper, and others are plentiful in the Omega region.

There are even mines scattered throughout the city and around the perimeter.

There is plenty to keep everyone feeling abundant! 

solar panels and wind farm


Areas are set aside, allowing for solar power installations to harness Omega’s sunshine.

Omega has ample water resources that can be used profitably, and sustainably. Major hydro plants presently operate there on Earth 1.

Omega area presently has thermal power from the Red Sea area.

Omega is rich in wind, with mean wind speeds of 4.5m/s. Wind power used for power generation creates an abundance of wind pumps and wind power for Omegians.


Live exciting and exhilarating events to lift your spirits in and out of the game


Gain financial stability for a sense of well-being and peace-of-mind


Connect with others, make new friends and build lifelong relationships

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an eye to the future

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Ledge Andary

and investment expert

Violet Adazé

and marketing expert